Why Do Concrete Swimming Pools Crack?

Swimming Pool

Concrete swimming pools in the ground are durable and can last decades. Gunite, shotcrete, and concrete walls can develop cracks over time. Although small shrinkage cracks can be a problem, if cracks become large enough to insert a dime into them, the shell may be compromised. Here are reasons concrete pools might crack.

  • Installation on the hillside: Gravity causes soils to slowly climb downhill. Therefore, a pool built on a hillside is best avoided.
  • Changes in soil moisture: Flood conditions can cause soil to swell and lift the shell up. Alternately, soil that is normally wet may dry out and shrink in drought conditions, causing the pool’s settlement and cracking.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: A concrete pool can be slightly lifted or tilted by changes in groundwater levels. The shell could crack if the movement is too large.
  • Poor installation: The shell can develop air pockets or voids if it isn’t properly laid out using stakes and forms.
  • Poor plumbing installation: PVC pipes should run through concrete shells to connect pool returns. However, they should be minimized. The pool floor plumbing, as well as horizontal pipes within the walls, can cause cracking and weaken the pool.
  • Concrete pools require at least 14 days for a cure: Cracking can be caused by rushing the concrete pouring or pouring it too hot.
  • Incorrectly applied expansion joint: Concrete pools have an expansion joint that compensates for temperature expansion and contract. If the joint isn’t true or becomes clogged with debris, it could cause horizontal cracks to form in the tile band.

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